Leiyo Singo will be giving a talk on Degrowth for the Global South



Leiyo Singo’s paper “Degrowth for the Global South? Towards Re-appropriation of Bioeconomy to Visibilize Pastoralists’ Futures in Tanzania” will be presented on the conference „Decolonising Degrowth: From Sustainability to Climate Justice“. The conference enquires into the implications and aims of the concept of degrowth. Specifically, it aims to shed light on the entanglements of culture and ecology by raising the question of the connection between degrowth and decolonisation. In his paper, Singo makes the point that the notion of bioeconomy should be reappropriated in terms of the degrowth discourse since this is the original discourse supported by that notion. This reappropriation, in turn, serves the function of acknowledging pastoralists’ futures given that the degrowth discourse corresponds to visions from decolonial and critical agrarian studies. The conference is organised by Durham University (UK) and will take place on 24th and 25th of June via zoom.