Stefan Ouma on dismantling coloniality in teaching and studying human geography



Stefan Ouma reflects in two recent articles on the question of how to teach and to study human geography which explicitly addresses the existing intergenerational and global injustices on the one hand and persisting inequalities in recognition of different epistemic perspectives on the other. „Wir leben gut, weil wir von anderen leben“: Externalisierung im Geographieunterricht presents and discusses educative tools for teaching existing gloabal and intergenerational injutsicies taking into account their historical roots of imperialism and colonialism. In Navigating the landscape of defiantscholarship in and beyond Africa: Onarchives, bridges and dangers he takes part in a discussion of the paper Defiant scholarship: Dismantling coloniality in contemporary African geographies by Patricia O. Daley and Amber Murrey.